Wumpus Land

Welcome to Wumpus Land!

So, what's Wumpus Land? Glad you asked, Wumpus Land is a place for all the Wumpus fans to talk and have fun all in one place. Our staff team hosts frequent giveaways so be sure to check that out!

Meet our bots!

Wumpus Police#2111

Meet Wumpus Police, he is our main moderation bot. Wumpus Police is incharge of keeping the Wumpus Land Community safe and arresting the people who break the rules.

Wumpus Hammer#0770

The ultimate Staff Utility tool, Wumpus Hammer helps staff do staff stuff. But beware! It still has the power to ban anyone who stops it from doing its job.


Need help? DM Modmail! ModMail is where you should go to get help, our friendly staff will respond to your question and they will answer it. If no staff member replies within 24 hours, feel free to DM a staff member or email wumpus@wumpus.land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I muted?

You were muted because a moderator or bot has seen you violate the rules. If you believe this incorrect, please submit a appeal.

Can I get free nitro?

If you beg for free nitro you will not get any, just test your luck and enter a giveaway!

Who is Rajah?

Rajah is part of the Wumpus Community Team.